ProfileGorilla has partnered with CORE Group to manage compliance for its ONCORE division, a contractor friendly claims platform that delivers high-net-worth and commercial focused referral opportunities. If you’re interested in joining the ONCORE Claims network, we highly encourage you to attend one of our upcoming webinars before or after you apply using the form here.

After you submit your initial application found here to CORE Group, please email the ProfileGorilla team at to get started. If you are already signed up for ProfileGorilla PreQual+, you can simply fill out the initial ONCORE application, and contact the ProfileGorilla team to share your credentials that satisfy all of our program requirements with CORE on the ProfileGorilla platform. The only fees involved with applying to ONCORE are that you must have a subscription to ProfileGorilla PreQual+, and complete all required fields on the ProfileGorilla platform.

ProfileGorilla PreQual+ Special Discounted Fees for ONCORE Program
CORE Group uses ProfileGorilla to on-board its Service Providers and maintain your credentialing and compliance for you, and it is required that you become a subscriber of ProfileGorilla’s PreQual+ Service if you are not already.

CORE Group ProfileGorilla PreQual+ Fees

  • Existing ProfileGorilla PreQual+ Subscribers: NO CHARGE
  • New ProfileGorilla PreQual+ Subscribers: $50 one-time set up fee ($15 CORE Perks Discount included) + $25/month or $275/year subscription plan ($25 CORE Perks Discount included)

Additional Benefits to subscribing to ProfileGorilla PreQual+

  • ProfileGorilla can help connect contractors to new Client Programs or Managed Repair/TPA Programs who also use ProfileGorilla for compliance at no additional cost.
  • ProfileGorilla Team deals with all insurance compliance issues directly with contractor’s Agent, including renewals.
  • If your organization orders background checks through ProfileGorilla, you’ll receive bulk buying power discounts, plus automation around ordering and report uploads (removes all the manual steps). However, your company can utilize any background check provider.
  • ProfileGorilla team pulls down State/Business License renewals directly from the License Bureau websites, so you don’t have to manually upload them. Lead/EPA (and soon IICRC) certificates can also be obtained by ProfileGorilla team.

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